Custom software development

Zimend with a professional team with 10 years of experience Preparation in various areas of software and organizational solutions Turning your ideas into reality.

Our Mission

We have been with developers for more than ten years on the path of development of small and large businesses; and with many-sided supports, we have tried to pave any ups and downs. During our timeline, we have worked tirelessly to identify the concerns and needs of businesses, and to be a useful hand in their improvement by way of offering novel organizational solutions. We have been able to develop a unique customer ordering software with the expectation of creating a better world through restructuring traditional business models.

Our Organizational Culture and Values
  • Love We made "love" our motto, since we believe only love can motivate and empower us and improve our goals.
  • ResponsivityWe consider responding to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • ReliabilityResponsibility and trustworthiness help us face the facts easily, and offer better management decisions in moments of crises.
  • HonestyWe are honest in our work, and we deliver everything in due time.
  • FriendshipWith hard working, we try to maintain our happy and friendly environment and overcome the challenges together.
  • BoldnessTo achieve great success, we surmount the highest obstacles and do not yield to the pain of struggle and effort.
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