Business Analysis
A way to solve the organizational problems and to seize the opportunities

The purpose of business analysis is to bridge the gap between information technology and business with the help of data analysis, in order to improve organizational processes, products, services, and software.
Zimend with a full understanding of organizational processes, cutting-edge information technologies, and business environments, and the effective use of information technology can identify and implement appropriate and workable solutions according to the specifications of your organization.

Benefits of the Prototype
Organizations and businesses are looking to solve their problems, and at the same time looking to take advantage of the information technology in their organization. Zimend deals with these issues in the business analysis via giving an evaluation of your organization.


  • Identify Organizational ProblemsIdentify organizational problems that can be solved with information technology
  • Technological Solutions to Solve ProblemsHow IT helps solve your organization's problems
  • Solution Development and Solution ImplementationDevelop software and services to solve your organization's problem which leads to improved processes and reduced costs

In business analysis, through communicating with the business leaders and employees, we learn about how the changes made to processes, products, services, and software and hardware can increase a business’ efficiency and added value. For instance, was the implementation of these changes, technologically feasible and financially and functionally reasonable?

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