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Custom Software Development

Business intelligence with custom software

Companies that wish to use their organization’s information technology and intelligence are always faced with a challenging dilemma: to invest in a custom software solution or to buy a ready-made software?

With many years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique processes of each organization, Zimend answers the needs and help businesses achieve their goals and better align themselves with the world of information technology. Custom software solutions have increased their market share, because of their incredible value to the companies and individuals. Read more about why a custom solution can be the one option which better fits your organizational needs!

Benefits of Custom Development



Below you can see the benefits of custom software, developed by Zimend


  • Independent TechnologyWe use the best and most up-to-date technology for each product
  • SchedulingYou will hear from us at the exact moment when the project ends
  • SupportYour support and training is one of our duties
  • Clean CodeWe do not want to make the employer dependent on us forever. The codes will be basic and with enough explanations
Custom software development
  • Full OwnershipOne hundred percent ownership of the software is at your disposal
  • Competitive AdvantagesA custom product can enhance your organization's performance and be a valuable asset
  • Full FlexibilityThe product can grow and change as your organization changes
Custom Software Services



Zimend offers its service package in accordance with your needs and the latest technologies in the world. Also, with years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique processes, challenges and requirements of each organization, Zimend can produce and supply world-class software, aligned with the information technology, to help the jobs achieve their goals.


  • Windows SoftwareDevelopment of software under Windows OS with .NET, c #, Sql server technologies
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