Cost of building a mobile application in 2020

Cost of building a mobile application in 2020
The question of how much it costs to build a quality mobile app is always asked. This article provides an overview of the cost of developing an application in the market and also outlines the factors influencing effective program management and development.

Why invest in mobile app development?
There are more than 1.35 billion tablets and 3.5 billion smart mobile users worldwide. Despite this large number of users, various mobile application development companies consider it essential in the industry.

There is no doubt that program development will be a potential investment in the industry. With more users, there are more opportunities for business growth.

Program development cost in 2020
The cost of building the program is estimated at 37,000 to 170,000 dollars. This is a basic cost for an app, but with advanced features the price can be as high as $ 500,000 or more.

However, it is good to know that the cost of at least one program may be between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000. This application with enough features usually requires a higher cost. If you are planning to develop a program, you need to consider factors other than program development costs.

Schedule is another key factor to consider. It takes at least 3 months to produce most programs for the program to work properly. However, 40% of programs last six months or more.

Types of application development
There are two notable types of application development that you can choose from: in-house application development or outsourcing. This means you hire your application development team or let a professional developer do the work for you.

These two types of application development have certain advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are given below.

Internal team benefits

Have a face-to-face meeting with your team
Easy communication with the team
Deep involvement in the project

Disadvantages of the internal team

It takes a lot of time
It is costly because it requires extensive investment participation
Lacks creativity

Outsourcing benefits

Utilization of significant talents due to the participation of experts
Lower rates
More flexibility
It does not require a significant initial investment
Disadvantages of Outsourcing

Lack of personal control
Time zone disputes
Most people prefer to support the development of their mobile applications abroad due to legal problems and difficulty in reaching the best application developers. The decision as to what type you should always use is up to you. If you have a good team, you can implement the program internally.

Factors that affect the cost of producing a program
Various factors affect the cost of building an application. It is good to understand each factor to manage your program budget properly and allocate your resources well. These factors include:

1- Native or Hybrid
The type of program a person uses determines the cost you need to build an application. There are two main applications. For example, hybrid and indigenous development techniques. Native apps are designed for a platform like Android or IOS. If you target the two, you will encounter two separate programs.

Hybrid programs, on the other hand, run on multiple systems. That way less money is spent on app development because you only need to build a single app. However, many companies prefer to switch to native applications. Because they are technically superior, have higher performance and a smoother user experience than hybrid applications.

2 – Android or iOS
Whenever you decide to create a native application, you must specify the platform you want. If you have a limited budget, start your app with an iOS or Android operating system. The cost of developing an app for Android or iOS is not much different and is almost the same.

3- Capabilities and performance
The performance of the program and its features determine the cost. It is good to understand the features you want to offer your users. These two factors are the most important cost drivers, because some of them are time consuming to implement.

It’s a good idea to be prepared, as the application you developed may require other features that are not currently available. Always consider additional costs in relation to program expectations.

4 – The complexity of user interface design
Graphic design of an application is as important as other features. The cost of designing an application depends largely on the visual complexity, the number of pages that can be displayed, the brand, and some custom elements.

5 – Infrastructure and application management
Most applications require a back-end infrastructure. This connection to APIs, admin panel, analytics systems, and the like makes it easy. The more features your app has, the higher the cost of app development.

6 – Location and structure of the development team
The area where the development team is based has a significant impact on the final cost of the project. There are areas where you can hire low-cost mobile app developers more than other areas. However, it is good to pay attention to the quality and price you get.

7- Program maintenance cost
Understanding the cost of building an app is not the whole story. You also need to know the cost after launching it. This price is for backup purpose Annie is out of the program. This can cost from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per year.

Maintenance program includes:

Latest version support
Code optimization
Bug fixes and quality assurance
Upgrade the application to the latest version of the operating system
Improve program performance and stability
Implement new features
So as you plan to set up a budget to maintain the app, you need to look at the above and split the cost.


The cost of program development depends on various parameters. The total cost starts with market research, hiring a trusted program developer, maintenance costs, and more. This article gives you a brief overview on what you need for successful program development.

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