Why should I give my project to Zimend?

– Our company is located in Iran and in the two major cities of Tehran (the capital of Iran) and Mashhad, and therefore the cost of our services is much lower than the price offered by American and European companies. However, the quality of our products is as high as their products.
– Our team also consists of experienced professionals who are able to implement any idea.
– Consulting and needs assessment of your projects is done for free

Why should I outsource my company software development?

There are many reasons for this:
– You do not have an expert and experienced team for this job
– You may want to have an MVP version first and evaluate your development idea before investing
– The cost of outsourcing development is less than hiring a development team

I just have an idea what should I do now?

You can send us your idea. Our project experts and business analysts work on your idea and assess your idea for free by researching the market and competitors.
They also give you a good business strategy for using and growing your ideas
All of the above services are free to try

What are the steps to start a project?

You can send us a message detailing your idea and describing your target community. Our specialists will contact you and after holding face-to-face and online meetings (video conferencing – if you do not have access to us in person), we will prepare the project needs assessment document for you for free. This document includes the following:

1. Dividing the project into different sprints (Agile development approach)
۲. Requirements and capabilities of each sprint
3. Cost of each sprint
4. Business strategy for project use and growth

Note: Each sprint is part of the final project that can be run and tested.

If the document is approved, the development work will start with the payment of the first sprint fee, and at the end of the first sprint, if the output is approved, the project development work will continue with the payment of the second sprint fee.
At the end of each sprint you will receive the following from us:
1. Relevant sprint output
۲. Test report of the relevant section and test with previous sprints
3. Project codes until the end of the current sprint
4. Free current sprint training

How much will it cost to develop my project?

The cost of your project depends on the development process, and factors such as the complexity and duration of the project and the type of technology used are involved.
Approximate cost of projects:
– Small projects (4 to 5 main features): $ 2,000 to $ 5,000
– Medium projects (programs with 6 to 9 main features): $ 5,000 to $ 10,000
– Large projects (programs with 10 to 15 main features): 10,000 and more

How do you guarantee the quality of my project?

Zimand team is composed of professional and experienced developers. Your project will also be overseen by a professional project manager, and the Quality Assurance (QA) team will ensure the accuracy of the project performance and quality with various tests.

How can I pay for the project?

You can pay for the project by bank transfer

Do you have a step-by-step payment or is the entire fee received at once?

All payments are in stages. First, the Zimand team analyzes your idea and project for free and provides you with the following information in the form of a needs assessment document:

1. Project phaseing along with the capabilities of each phase
۲. Cost of each phase
3. Business strategy for project use and growth
Note: Each phase is part of the final project that can be implemented and tested.

After receiving the first phase and testing and confirming the output by you (the employer), the cost of the next phase will be received. You only pay for the project at the beginning of each phase.

What will the support be like after the completion of the project?

We offer our customers long periods of support and any software problems caused by our team will be fixed as soon as possible.

I want to make changes in the project. Does it cost anything?

Any changes not mentioned in the needs assessment document will be priced as a separate small project that will not cost you much.

Can I request a change in part of the project?

Yes. Any change request is reviewed by our analytics and project management team. If the change request is approved, it will affect the cost of the project.

Do I have exclusive ownership of my project made by Zimend?

Yes. You will be the sole owner of all project codes and graphic designs.

How can I ensure that my idea and project will remain confidential?

We do our best to keep your project safe. All our partner developers have signed the NDA document and are required to implement it.