Software Prototyping

A tool to quickly test the solution

A prototype is a low-cost, small-scale example that aims to discover user feedback, introduce new solutions to existing problems, and evaluate the success of new ideas and solutions.
Zimend with a strong team and familiar with organizational processes helps you to turn your ideas into a tangible example without spending a lot of time and money.

Benefits of the prototype

The prototype includes all the details of the software, including the items that the user is dealing with. In fact, a shell of the end software is designed for both the user and the consumer.

  • Less cost of failureLess cost and time is spent on the prototype
  • Evaluate the solutionEvaluate the practicality and applicability of the idea and solution
  • Build a prototype

If you are unsure about what you are trying to achieve, the best thing to do is to give it objectivity. Visualize your ideas with a prototype and better fix its shortcomings and improve it.

  • Get things done quickly

In prototyping, speed comes first. The more time you spend on the prototype, the more you become attached to your idea, and the greater the likelihood of an inability to judge and evaluate impartially.

  • Specify the measurement criteria

Prototypes are built to measure a specific object. This should not be overlooked. But do not focus too much on the benchmarks so that new experiences and discoveries are hidden from your eyes.

  • Focus on user features

Prototypes are built to test the user’s behavior and anticipated needs. We learn from the distance between expectations and reality and improve your ideas

Prototype construction steps
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